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San Diego Brighter Daycare teachers are a nurturer as well as an educator, someone who encourages learning through exploration, and who understands the balance between what a child needs to feel safe and what she requires to reach her potential. Your child’s teacher is your partner. At San Diego Brighter Daycare, families and teachers work together, celebrating successes, navigating challenges, and communicating daily about your child’s achievements and goals.

Our Staff

Pyone Thet

Hello, I am Pyone. I am the owner and director of San Diego Brighter Daycare. As a parent, I do realize how difficult it is to leave your child behind and go to work everyday. I am committed in providing an environment that is safe, fun, clean and loving so that you can focus on the challenges of your day.


As a professional Child Care Provider, I understand that the needs of children are unique. Thus, through open communication with parents and close observation of the children, I customize my care for each child based on their needs. The daycare home and yard are accessible to children and parents. Feel free to drop in at any time and say "Hi"


I have two children of my own. I have a son who 3.5 years old and the daugher who is 6 months old. The more exposure I had with infants and children the more I became passionate about working with young people and making an impact in the lives of children and their families. I am even more committed to providing the best care for youngsters. It was my strong passion and commitment to children.

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