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Please print and fill out following forms. The following forms are required and must be read, completed, signed, and dated prior to enrollment.
Forms 1 thru 9 required signatures 
1. Registration
2. Parent Notification of Additional Children
3. Affidavit Regarding Liability Insurance 
4. Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment
5. Identification and Emergency Information
6. Notification of Parent’s Rights
7. Child's Preadmission Health History
8. Contract / Services Agreement
9. Individual Infant Sleeping Plan
10. Immunization Exemption (CA) (Optional)
11. Administration of Medication Chart ( Optional )
12. Consent/Verification for Nebulizer Care

Forms 13-17 required reading only


13. Caregiver Background Check Process

14. Family Child Care Consumer Awareness Information 
15.CA School Immunization Record(Blue Card)
16.Acknowledge of Receipt of Licensing Reports

17. Immunization Instruction (CA)

After your child enrolled with us, we will give you password to open Parents Handbook and Contract / Services Agreement.
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